Simple chords for piano from black keys

Continuing the conversation about how to play the chords on the piano, let's move the piano chords from the black keys. I remind you that in our field of attention the simplest chords are the major and minor triad. Applying even only one triad can "decently" harmonize almost any melody, any song.

What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll

What is rock and roll, the history of rock and roll Rock and roll literally stirred the youth of America in the mid 50s of the last century. And then the whole world. And while the boys and girls sang along with popular singers and lit up on the dance floors, their parents opposed the “innovations” in the music world. Why did this style become very popular and why did it become an apple of contention between generations?

Megan Traynor: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Megan Traynor Megan Traynor - which epithets will be able to describe it adequately? Bright, extraordinary, bold, funny and insanely talented. She burst into the world of pop scenes like a hurricane, stirring the public and critics. One clip "All About That Bass" she earned the recognition of millions of fans and opposed themselves not less than haters.

Concert programs of the ensemble "Semper-musica"

Concert programs: "In the name of Clara" R. Schumann - Quartet op.47 Es-dur for piano, violin, viola and cello I. Brahms - Quartet No. 1 g-moll op.25 for piano, violin, viola and cello The program is composed from the works of composers - romantics. This genre is easy for anyone to listen to, regardless of age, musical tastes and degree of preparedness.